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Nov 27, 2012 12:00am PST
? what will it do to our economy? >> i don't think it will do that much because i think people will assume that a solution will be found quite promptly. it's a little like the debt ceiling question. i mean, people know -- the rest of the world may think that we're idiotic at times but they don't think we're going to commit suicide. and so i think if -- i hope something gets worked out before january 1, but if it goes a little beyond that i do not think -- >> rose: so january 10 or -- >> if you guaranteed me that the fiscal cliff we would go past that, i wouldn't sell a share of stock today. >> rose: you have that confidence that in the end they will fix it? >> yeah, and this that think economy works. >> rose: is it getting better? >> it's getting better. it's been getting better since really the summer of 2009. we've had four years straight now where the stock market's given a profit of return. the economy is getting better. we had a tremendous bubble and when it burst it was -- it had ramifications for all aspects of society and it was magnified by the abuses that had taken place i
Nov 21, 2012 12:00pm PST
egypt's needs right now put more of an emphasis on ensuring they can address their economy and not be governed by a set of ideological imper it was. >> rose: said another way, morsi government has to prove it can govern? >> it does have to prove it can govern. one of the things that is interesting you do have leaderships now that do have to pay attention to their public, their republicans have expectations and needs and hopes, and one of those is that, in fact the needs of the public will be addressed. >> rose: is it possible coming out of this is something positive in terms of future relationship between palestinians and israelis and between israelis and new arab governments? is that possible here? >> it helps the relationship -- egypt and israel. they have worked together pretty well, it also improved the relationship between netanyahu government and our own government. they have worked together pretty well over the last week as well. >> rose: do you agree with that, dennis, we are looking at where there was a fractured relationship it might be getting better? >> i do, i think one o
Nov 29, 2012 12:00am PST
that their economies depend on prisons. private prison companies are listed on the new york stock exchange. thes is has become so equally rooted in our political structure that it's not going to fade away or downsize without a major upheaval, a demand on the part of the public. >> i want to challenge one thing. she knows everything-- the one thing i would differ slightly that one million in the criminal justice system would lose their job. they would? >lose the job they have today but they could move laterally to a job in treatment. i see prison guards i speak to all the time and i say i want to reform the system but i don't have it out for your job. in a treatment universe, many people like you are needed. you have been working with addicts for years. but i would like to propose to you you get a job in a new industry where you can be proud of. when you have bring your kid to work day-- i was in a prison on oklahoma on bring your kid to work day. wouldn't you like to be proud to tell where you of your children what you're doing to find a way out of the pain they're already in rath
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)